2-day Introductory Training on Integrated Strategic Environmental Assessment (ISEA)

UNEP and the Government of Nepal, co-led by the Ministry of Population and Environment and the National Reconstruction Authority, collaborated to organize 2 day Workshop on ISEA. LEAD Nepal acted as facilitating partner in this whole endeavor. This covered wide range of topics from overview of impact assessments, rationale for ISEAs, methods and methodology, issues and challenges.

The participants from various ministries viz. MOPE, NRA, MOF and NPC attended the training program. 18 and 15 participants attended the training program which was held on 15th and 16th September 2016 respectively. During the training session, Dr. Conor (Consultant, UNEP) and Ms. Marisol Estrella (Program Coordinator of the Disaster Risk Reduction, UNEP) introduced and elaborated on the concept of ISEA through presentation, real life case studies of Srilanka and group work.