World Mountain Product Branding


The world mountain people’s voice and hard work needs to be heard. Their experience, challenges and lessons learned have to be shared within the mountain people for a result-oriented solution. As a result, The World Mountain Product Association (WMPA) and World Mountain Product Branding as a wing was formed out of the World Mountain Forum held at UNESCO (Paris) and in Chambéry (Savoie – Alps) in June 2000 on the initiative of the National Association of Elected Officials of the Mountains (ANEM).

The international brand for mountain produce will give a platform to acknowledge and recognize the different products produced by the world mountain people and will improve the economy of these regions promoting their ideas and culture. Their experience sharing will lead to the creation of a network of mountain people, which can then be coordinated at an international level by WMPA. This global branding will act as an umbrella brand for specific mountain region or particular mountain product.


LEAD Nepal is working with farmers in Upper Mustang for the organic certification and has secured approval from WMPA for branding it as World Mountain Product. WMPA will market the products internationally on behalf of the farmers in Mustang.