Sharing and Sensitization of ISEA in the context of PDRF

The program was organized to sensitize senior government representatives from key ministries who can form part of an ISEA core group. This group will work together to undertake the environmental screening and assessment of the Post-Disaster Recovery Framework (PDRF), with guidance from UNEP expert. 34 and 30 participants from MOPE, MOC, DOA, MOCILA, NRA, MOFALD (CLPIU), MOE, MOUD, ICIMOD and LEAD Nepal attended the program held on 18th and 19th September 2016 respectively. During the program, Dr. Bhisma K Bhusal gave presentations regarding the present status of reconstruction activities in Nepal. Whereas, Dr. Connor and Ms. Marisol Estrella played pivotal role in sensitizing the senior level officials from aforementioned ministries about ISEA, its benefits, implementation strategy and approach. The participants were also instructed to form groups and fill the necessary information in order to undertake initial environmental screening of the PDRF. Then, results were tabulated and analyzed in order to derive the conclusion that – most of the projects under consideration can be initiated without harming environment; thus, concluding very few of the projects requiring ISEA. Dr. Bishwa Nath Oli (Secretary, MOPE) then concluded program with his opinions related to first impression of ISEA. Thus, the program ended on positive note with common resolve to go forward and work towards ISEA implementations within next few weeks.